CTA Buttons in Figma

Hi Everyone, I am new on Figma and creating my first few designs. I have a question regarding CTA buttons. Can I create 1 CTA button and be linked to say 4 pages ? What I trying to create is - I have 4 time slots, there is CONFIRM CTA button, so depending on what time slot the user selects, when the user clicks confirm I want the button to take to the corresponding time page. Is this possible ?

It is, through variables and advanced prototyping, but not to different Figma document pages, only different frames in the same page. You can set the user’s selection to a variable and then check it and decide on where to go when the CTA is clicked. I would suggest you take a look at Figma’s youtube channel for some variables tutorials.

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Ohh I see, okay great that’s valuable info. Can you do this on your own in figma without adding to a team ? Thank you!