Creating Component Sets replaces Selection with Relevant Instances

Good Day,

One thing I was hoping would happen, is that when creating a Component Set, that the original selections I had would be replaced by an instance of their new component, positioning them exactly as they were, with the relevant variant from the newly created Component.

If possible, I’d like to see the feature make it to Figma — it would cut out a good deal of menial work!

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Hello @Sean_Y, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Component Set. We truly appreciate your input!

I want to ensure that I understand your thoughts correctly. Does the original selections have the exact same shape as the newly created variant in the component set, but were they placed in the design before the component set was created?

Please let us know if I have misunderstood anything and feel free to vote up your idea.

We are eager to hear the responses from our community regarding this idea!


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Yes that is correct. The component set being created is based off of the original selection of elements in the first place, so the component set being created would naturally only be able to come after the creation of these assets in this particular example.


  1. Create a few design elements that roughly follow the same pattern / structure
  2. Decide to turn them into a Component Set (clicking the menu option to do so)
  3. My Request: instead of pulling those assets out of their current frames, completely removing them from their current positioning in order to create the new component set (which is what currently happens), this update would create the component set BUT leave behind in those very same positions, an Instance of the newly created component set, ideally in this case, matching the variant for each element that led to its creation.
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Hey @Sean_Y, Thank you for clarifying your thoughts, and I appreciate your detailed explanation. I believe this idea would be beneficial for other community members. We’d love
to hear the responses from other members in the community!