Creating a scrollable, interactive component that transforms

I’m struggling to make a draggable component where the number in the center of the screen is the selected state and transforms.

I want the number in the middle to represent the selected state, growing in size and transforming in colour. Anyway to achieve this?


Hey there @Rui_Melo are you able to share some additional examples for context. E.g. what does the screen with 2 selected look like?

As the user swipes, the orb positioned in the center of the screen transforms.

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Ahh I see. Let me try somethings out to see if this is possible. Thanks!

I got a hacky solution where I just create a frame for each state. it works…ish! I’m mostly curious if there’s a better way to achieve this with some of the new component features.

Hmm yeah this is a tough one. I think you might be able to use variables and modes along side interactive components to prototype this but I think you might run into some limitations.

I just started playing around with this though and will let you know if I come up with something! :slight_smile:

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