Creating a play button that plays a live feed

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Hey all, thanks for taking your time to read this.

I’m currently designing an app for a radio station I run. I just need a simple play and pause button to play the audio from the live radio station.

I’ve designed a button and managed to use Punchcut Audio to trigger the live steam, but I’m having trouble with it functioning in preview mode and I can’t get the audio to stop once it starts.

Could anyone offer any advise on creating a play/pause button that triggers and stop the live audio feed please? And perhaps an alternative to Punchcut.


Hey Samuel,
At this time, this is not possible natively to add an audio. However, a workaround would be to find another plugin that can add audio to prototypes in the community:

I also added this YouTube video and forum post I found below that may help you:

In the meantime, others in the community have requested something similar, you can vote up and share your feedback here: