Create, Read, Update, Delete User APIs available?

I am currently exploring ways to integrate user management capabilities into our internal tools and was wondering if Figma provides public APIs for managing user accounts within an organization.

Specifically, I’m looking for APIs that allow for the following actions:

  1. Create (Provision) - Programmatically adding new users to our Figma organization.
  2. Read (List/Get Details) - Fetching a list of users and their details from our organization.
  3. Update - Updating user account details such as roles, permissions, or other attributes.
  4. Delete (Deprovision) - Removing users from our Figma organization.

I am aware of the SCIM API functionality for user provisioning and deprovisioning, but I am interested in direct API calls that could be used without SCIM, preferably RESTful endpoints that we can interact with using standard HTTP methods.

If such APIs are available, could you please provide guidance on how to access them, or point me to the relevant documentation? Any examples or additional resources would also be greatly appreciated.