Create component shortcut not working

Hi there,

For some reason, the Create component shortcut (Opt+Cmd+K) has stopped working for me.

Every other shortcut seems to be working completely fine.

Figma is up-to-date, and I restarted just to make sure.

Any ideas?

Try these:

Check your keyboard settings. Ensure that the Option and Command keys are not used for other shortcuts. Make sure that there are no other shortcuts assigned to Opt+Cmd+K.

Restart your computer. Sometimes a simple restart can fix minor software issues.

Reinstall Figma. If the above steps don’t work, try reinstalling Figma. This will replace any corrupted or missing files.

Same for me. Most all of the other shortcuts work except Ctrl+Shift+K (Mine opens something in notion)

Try Figma in a browser.

Ctrl + Alt + K