"Create component set" is gone now? How does one

I’m trying to create a variant for dense mode of a table and I don’t want to have to completely recreate said dense table to add it as a variant of the standard table. I can no longer select 2 things and “create component set.” Does anyone have a workaround for this or know why they removed it?

You should be able to create a component set from two or more frames.
They just can’t be components, but regular frames instead.

Thank you! that helps. It’s unfortunate that you can’t copy and paste to add variants vs. having to create a whole new component set and remap instances.

One trick you can do is to create a new variant within the component set (or duplicate existing) → paste the new frame to it → remove everything else → ungroup the pasted frame.

If needed you can also copy the frame properties from the nested frame to the component variant before ungrouping.