Create a mirror between two figma files

I need to know if there is a plugin or a solution to the problem i’m having. I want to create a connection between two Figma files, where i can edit something in one file, and be modified in the other.

Thanks, i’ll wait for an answer

Hey Agustin, I’d suggest working with branching. You can find more information in this Help Center article. With branching you can explore changes to designs, prototypes, and libraries, without editing the original file.

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Currently, there is not a way to 2 or more files that automatically reflect each other’s updates. If you are not already familiar with component libraries, see below as it may help keep elements of your files in sync:

You can share Team libraries with a Professional account. This allows you to create and publish components into a library so you can import them into other files. When you publish updates to the main component, it will update that component’s instances that exist in other files.

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