Copying frame content set to existing symbols set

Hi Figma friends,
Is there an automated process or plugin that can move or copy the contents of multiple frames (each with a single layer of merged vectors) to a group of empty existing symbols?

Both the label/name of the frame matches the label/name of the symbols. And I’m trying to move the content of each individual frame to an individual symbol.

I also have to use the existing symbol as it’s a published symbol used in a library with overrides.

Hey Paul, thank you for reaching out! Unfortunately, this is not supported in Figma at this time. However, I reached out to the team internally and they suggested the following workaround:
-select all of the icon components
-copy+paste / duplicate to create a set of instances
-select both components and instances

  • copy+paste to a new file.

This will create a new set of components and you can then delete all the instances.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for getting back to me.

Unfortunately, this did not solve the problem. Our problem had also evolved from my original post.

In the end, the most accurate method we could find for our specific file setup was to manually select the vectors from a single frame and copy them to their pre-named symbol, repeating this process till each icon was transferred over their destination symbol.

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