Copy Variables between Modes

Lots of posts about copying variables between files…but how do we copy variables between modes?

  • I have a thorough set of variables with light and dark modes.
  • Figma recently made it possible to apply variables to shadows. So now I added the variable set for shadows.
  • However, it seems that I have to manually set the variable for each of the items in BOTH the light and dark modes. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Am I missing something? Does someone have a better process that I am skipping?

How can I duplicate from one mode to the other without ending up with a whole third mode?

This feels like missing functionality to me.

Hey Kenn, I’ve asked the team if there is a good workaround here. Unfortunately, there isn’t any at the moment. The only way to automate would be via writing a script to do so.

Another half-implemented solution from Figma.