Copied Components pasted as Instances

When copying a set of Variants and a Component with the Variants inside it i get different paste results depending if it is copied from a file shared as a library or the original file.

The first copy paste, from a library file where the components have already been copy/pasted once, produces an instance instead of a component.

The second copy paste, copied from the original file and pasted into a new file creates a component.

Does anyone have any idea if this is intended behavior and the reasoning behind it? Pasting a component from each copy is the result I am looking for.


Here is the answer from support if anyone else is wondering -

" So the component 'MySwitch’ will paste as an instance as long as you are copying it from a file where it is published. This goes for all single main components that are published. Copying and pasting is seen as another way of inserting an instance into a file in this workflow.

Variants do not behave in the same way when it comes to pasting, as you cannot have a full set of variants as an instance. This is why you’re seeing a difference when you paste the variant set, it can only be pasted as a main component, regardless of whether the file it is coming from is published or not.

The ‘MySwitch’ component in the file ‘SwitchTemplate’ is not published, this is why it pastes as a main component. If you published this file, then it would paste in the same way as it does when you copy from the ‘Library’ file. This is because you cannot have an instance of a component that is not published outside of the file it was created in."

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