Copied and pasted elements from version history breaks components

Hi, following the recently launched feature that allow us to copy/paste some elements directly from the version history, I found a very annoying bug:

When I copy a frame that includes instances, and paste it onto the current version, the frame turns out to be blank, and the instance detached. The only way for me to preserve the design is to do it the “old way” by duplicating the history into another file and then copy/paste from here. Which is quite counterproductive with the new feature :/. Did anyone else encounter a similar issue?

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Hi Ella, Thanks for flagging this! I tried on my end, but I was able to copy a frame including instances from the version history and paste it into the current version.
I’m going to check internally, and if someone is having a similar issue, I’ll get back to you!
Thank you,

Hey, I’ve looked into this internally, and currently, we aren’t aware of this issue.
I recommend reaching out to our support team directly here:

When reaching out, please include links to the file and share a quick screen recording or screenshots demonstrating this issue to take a closer look!
And, it would be helpful if you could check if the same issue occurs with a different frame from the version history to determine if the problem persists with all old frames or only with specific ones.

Thank you!

I have also run into this issue. The frames are turning blank and design system components are reverting to their default colors

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People have been having this issue since 2021.

Thanks for letting us know!

Do you have a file you can send over so our team can try to reproduce and work on a fix?

Please use your Figma account email, include a link to the file, and share it with, so our team can take a closer look.