Control order in which components show in Shift-I component search

We have an icon library and a component library at my organization. I would like the components to appear before the icons when searching in the component search popover. I have tried prefixing all icon names with silly things like [口] (which is the Japanese character for end and is after all characters in the alphabet), however when I search, the order is clearly not strictly alphabetical, as it sometimes still comes before other things.

Hi there, thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, the order in the component search is not changeable. We hear you and will share your feedback with the internal team. Thanks again.

Toku / 徳永
Figma Support

+1 to this — I have an “Action menu” component, but also as part of our icon library, we have a set of icons categorized as “Action” that lives in a frame called “Action.” Whenever I search for the Action menu, all the icons in that frame show up first, even if the icon assets themselves don’t even have “action” in their name