Conditional Interation issue

Hi there, I created a Conditional Interation on an element: when an user clicks on it, if a specific boolean value is true then the element must change to a variant “B” else to a variant “A”.

I’m not able to set this behaviour, coz when I try to set the property value for the “IF” clause, nothing changes. But if I try the same on the value of “ELSE” clause, then all two are changing together.

Look what I mean:

Sure I’m doing something bad, but I’m not able to understand what.

Any suggestion? Thanks in advantage.


Hi @Onit_Group_Srl this issue should be resolved. Can you please refresh your Figma to ensure that you are using the fixed version.

If you are still seeing this issue please reach out to the support team directly via this form for help:

Hi @Ryan_52, sorry for the delay.
Yes, the issue seems to be fixed!


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