Compress images... theres a way without a plugin?

This is a really confusing topic for me, how in the world figma dosen’t compress images by default? this is critical, all images that has to be in the web that are just bloated, i don’t get it, this program its meant to be ui/ux focus, how this is not an option? i just don’t get it, honestly.

Hey @FUTURE thanks for the feedback! There’s not currently a way to compress images without the use of a plugin. This may be something we add natively in the future but it’s not currently on the roadmap.

I’m curious if there’s something specific that you’re missing from the current plugins that do this? Is it just the automated action of compressing everything by default?

In the current plugins if you select few images and export them together it creates a zip, witch is a pain to unzip then enter the folder that the unziper creates then move the images one level above then delete the zip and the empty folder… every time… but honestly, this is a great piece of software, how this, is not a feature? i mean, the first thing you do after design an artboard is export the images to make and html or to use it with some cms.

Sorry that repeat this so much but… this is painful

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@FUTURE thanks for sharing this context and appreciate your feedback. :slight_smile:

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