Components in some files not following overrides or variant settings

Example of problem:

  1. I have component “Input” with variant “Select” (for dropdown lists)
  2. When I copy variant “Select” to file A – all good
  3. When I copy variant “Select” to file B - icon selection and text style not following variant selection
    Note: both files have the latest version of the library.

These are screenshots: 1 - library variant, 2 - all right file, 3 - broken file

Hey @Val3, sorry for the trouble!

This sounds related to a long standing bug that we’ve been working to fix. For any files where this issue occurs, can you try the following steps?

  1. Select all layers
  2. Launch quick commands (Mac: Cmd +/ or Windows: Ctrl+/)
  3. Search for and apply the option “Repair selected instances
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Oh I see. I wasn’t aware about this feature. I made workaround in library for now but I will try this feature in future. Thanks!

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