Components break auto layout

I’m not able to utilize auto layout in components.

I’m trying to create a sidebar with several accordion menus. I have everything set up as components to make edits easier across frames. I have a collapsed state that can be turned off or on, both states are in an auto-layout frame with the same properties. When I test the UI, if I use the component, the auto layout is ignored and elements overlap. If I detach the auto layout everything works as expected.

Is there something that I’m doing wrong?

Hey @Chase_Esteves, thanks for reaching out and providing the screen recording!

We tried to reproduce the issue, but since you haven’t included your layers panel in your screen recording, it’s hard to be sure we’ve set things up exactly the same as you have.

Are you able to share a link to your file, so that we here in the community can take a closer look at how you’ve set up your layers?

Please link your file, if possible, and share it with, so we can take a closer look.