Component with padding variable applied resets instance overrides

I have a component with two variants, Lg and Sm. The Lg has 16px padding (using variables), and the Sm has 12px padding (also using variables).

When I add an instance of the component to a frame with auto layout, change the component’s resizing to fill container, and switch the instance from Lg to Sm, the component does not maintain the fill container resizing and changes it to fixed.

This issue only occurs with the applied variables. If I break the token and add the values directly, it works normally.

Hey @Kenno_Bittencourt1 - if you have a moment, can you grab a screen recording (that includes the whole Figma screen) of what happens when you swap from large > small + breaking the token? I can ask our variables team if this is a bug, or if this intended behavior and something needs adjusting in your design. If you’re unable to do that because of an NDA or any other privacy reason, let me know anyway. The recording is not required, just nice to help visualize the problem :blush:

You can post that as a response here, or send it to me in a DM.