Component Variants and Nested components overrides persisting?

I have this component Called Container block A it has a header and footer nested component for B

When I override instances (like the icon of a button in the nested component and I change the variant of the parent, the overrides are not persisted.

Is there a way to fix this issue ?

Are the Mobile and Desktop variants using the same icon buttons and layer structure?
Maybe you could give some more insights into the layer anatomy of the icon buttons.

Also, which tool did you use for the screen capture?

Yeah indeed,

All layers and instances have properties assigned.
But the issue is actually only happening in one file.

I’ve copy pasted the whole set into another file and it works as expected…

Looks like a FIGMA bug

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Screen Studio is the screen recorder for cool kids :smile:

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Meh, I suggest submitting a bug report here:

Thanks for sharing! Didn’t know Screen Studio yet, looks fun :grin:

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^ +1 to @dennsi – the tech quality team can take a look to see if there’s something going rogue. You can use the link mentioned above.

It looks like this issue is not happening anymore for me…