Component Properties should have the power to control nested Components

I was excited for the new Component Properties and how they might simplify my components, but I haven’t been able to make much use of it because most of my components involve nested components, which the Component Properties can’t control.

For example: Suppose you have a Modal component, which has within it a Button component. You may want the Modal component to have a Component Property for the Button’s CTA text - but that’s not possible. It is possible to override the visibility and text within nested components, so it seems like Component Properties should be able to control this.

Also, I’ve already built countless components so that all of the variants are based on one master component. Component Properties can’t be used for these at all since they’re entirely nested components. If I detach all the instances, I’m worried that will undo all of the overrides in designs when the component is published.

Hopefully a future update will allow Component Properties to control nested components.

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