Component in library is not being published

Haven’t found exactly this issue posted: I created a new component in my library, but Figma ignores it when publishing. In the design file it’s no different from any other component - and the component in question works as expected within the library file. But no matter how many times I alter it, Figma doesn’t seem to notice that it’s a component, so it doesn’t get published. I’ve even duplicated and renamed it…doesn’t matter. It’s like it doesn’t exist, so it’s not available in any other files using that library.

Update (that might help others)…while scratching my head and going slightly insane trying to understand why this component wasn’t publishing, with the troublesome component selected I noticed a “publish changes” button in the righthand column…so I pressed it and lo and behold: it was published. However…I’m still confused. I have never had to individually publish a component like that. Typically, the moment I turned anything into a component (or made any changes to an existing component), Figma seemed to notice it should be published. I don’t understand why this particular component had to be individually poked to publish.