Component description formatting is kinda broken

When you format a component description (bold text, lists, etc), that formatting is only visible if you hit “show more” on a variant’s description. If you just look at the short version of it (2), everything runs together in one line, no breaks. And if your description is very short - not long enough to trigger the “show more” link - you never see the actual, formatted description, because again, hitting ‘show more’ is the only way to see see the full description. As far as I can tell it’s impossible now to have line breaks in that abbreviated description, which makes it look kinda gross.

How I’m formatting this description:

2: what you see in the abbreviated description:

3: You have to hit ‘show more’ to actually see all this

Just realized I posted something similar over a year ago, why do I even bother posting here lmao

*makes effort post detailing some tiny but valid bug
**waits 30 days for the inevitable thread-death

When you write out component documentation, Figma ignores line breaks and jams everything together in one line. Variant documentation works correctly.

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Hi @Travis2 ! Thank you for your feedback, I’ve raised it to our team for consideration.
In the meantime, I have merged your two topics as they are similar :slight_smile:

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