Component Animation - 2 animations

Hey guys, I’m relatively new to Figma and have a question about component animation.

Here’s the scenario: I have a button that enlarges when clicked, created with 3 variants of a component. It works great. Now, in my prototype, I want to click the button, have the enlargement animation occur, and automatically switch to the next frame. Just like you would expect when transitioning to the next page in an app by tapping a button. Unfortunately, here’s what’s happening: I click on the button in the prototype preview, the enlargement animation happens, and to move to the next frame, I have to click again. Unfortunately, I can’t find a way for both actions to occur automatically in sequence. Can anyone help me with this? I’m currently using the free version of Figma.

I would greatly appreciate your assistance, thank you very much!

Hi there,

Thanks for the post! Are you using “After delay” trigger?

I tried to make a super simple scale animation with this for an example. I hope it helps, but please let us know if I’m missing anything important things.


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Dear Toku!
Thank you for your response. I have a slightly different issue. Unfortunately, the delay won’t work in my case. Sadly, because I’m a new user I can’t send a Video but I try to explain. There’s an animation of the button upon clicking. It enlarges and then shrinks back. However, I need to click the button again to switch to the next screen. I’m looking for a solution where, with just one click, both the button animation is triggered and it switches to the next screen. Do you understand what I mean?

Best regards

Hi there,

I believe I’ve got it! I experimented with a very basic prototype and I think I was successful in creating it. I added three actions to a single frame with just one tap.

Let me share my test file. Pleas excuse my very poor design but I hope it helps!
test.fig (106.0 KB)

If I miss something important, please let me know.