Community Handle name

Hi People, new to Figma so apologies in advance for the long winded question.

I have a Figma profile that is linked to my email address and have been using for a while.

Recently posted a question in the community and noticed my handle was a randomly generated name so i changed this (to what it is now). The email address was the same as my Figma Profile, where all my files are. I accessed the Figma community page via googling Figma Community. i DID NOT ACCESS via WHERE MY FIGMA FILES ARE.

A few weeks later I went to ask another question in the community but this time I accessed it via the page where all my files/projects are. I clicked on the community Profile via the dropdown menu on my name in top left corner.

I noticed that my community handle was another random generated handle. Went to change it to what I had already changed it to a few weeks prior, but it said that name is already taken. I changed it to something else in the end.

Now i have x2 different community handles both on the same email address.
When i log in to Figma, i only get access to the Community handle that shows on my Figma Files page (not this handle im posting this question with)

  1. Is there a way to merge these profiles?

  2. If not, if i delete this community profile, will i then be able to change my other one and use this handle as it would then be deleted?

Hope it makes sense!

Any help on the above?