Comments vs Feature details

The comment feature could be separated in 2 different functions.

It is mandatory to be able to communicate with colleagues about specific changes that should be made on a mock.

It would also be good to be able to detail the flow or the way a UI pattern works.

Keeping them separated would allow designers to hide or complete a comment made by someone else and keep the details / specs to stick to the mocks.

Being able to switch between the comments and the details would help the designer to select what he wants to read.

Thanks for the feedback, Frederick. Be sure to also Vote up top, so we can gauge interest from the community.

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I think would also be particularly useful for FigJam. Considering we can add notes on each component documentation, but the same is not possible in FigJam, and not exactly desirable.

I would love to see that in FigJam, some sort of different notes. Perhaps notes and comments as separate things.

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