Comments as email replies - not working

I am confused by Figma’s comments. If you get an email with somebody’s comment. Does it work for you to reply to the email thread to post a comment? (this used to work and I just realized it doesn’t work anymore. I have a bunch of comments that didn’t post)

Hi @Pawel_Sysiak1 ,
In your email notification, you have to click in “View in Figma” button, and it redirects you to your file (directly on the comment’s section where you can add your comment).

If you are still having issues, we recommend you to file a ticket to our support team: here

Hope it helps!


@Celine_Figma I was able to reply to the email to send the response. Is that feature no longer there?

Jep, same here. I used this feature in the past. Today I was advertising for it in the project team, but now it doesn’t work anymore :smiley:

Hi all! Yes, I confirm that the feature is no longer here.

Hi @Celine_Figma, I’m curious as to why this feature was removed. It sure was convenient. Could you kindly offer up the justification behind this change so that we users who miss this feature might digest its absence a little more palatably?

Hey @Lee5, we don’t have too much information to share on this but at a high level this was an underused feature that also had some concerns around maintenance and security. For now we’ve sunsetted it but we’re always appreciative of feedback and I’m happy to share this with the team.