Comments are too volatile

Ugh. Just wrote a long comment that disappeared before I sent it because I checked something on another page in the file before sending the comment.

I was about to click send, but wanted to be sure of something so I clicked on a different page in the page menu on the left. When I came back to the original page, my unsent comment was gone. Sigh. I usually copy unsent comments before clicking on anything just in case, but not this time.

Suggestion: Seems like a draft comment should be saved in this case, and the comment thread would be in an unsent/draft state. Or, at least maybe warn the user if the comment is about to be erased. “If you go to a different page your comment will be lost. [Go anyway] [Stay here]”

I’ve also lost unsent comments by just clicking out of the comment popup. Usually they shake when you click away the first time, but I’m pretty sure there have been times when the comment just vanishes on the first click outside of the popup. It really interrupts your flow.

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Hey @Mike_Nino, thanks for the feedback and sorry for the frustration!

I’ve updated your topic into a feature request. We’ll pass this onto our team for future consideration and use Votes to gauge overall interest from the community.