Color Library software error

Every time you edit an object, you change its color - the company creates a duplicate of this color in the library. If these colors are removed, then they cannot be used, even hex to look at, since the company considers them one if removed. Other clones of colors are no longer perceived by the system

Video -

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I just had the same issue. Also, once I deleted all of the duplicates I could apply the color to a new object but it wouldn’t render it (e.g. draw a new rectangle and apply the color style = invisible rectangle).

I had to create a new color style with the same HEX and bulk select and apply the new color to any existing elements using the corrupt color style.


Yes, I have to do that too. But the problem is that this problem appears again and again. And every time you have to delete the color again and bind it

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Yes, same here for me. Continuing to happen with more of the color styles now.

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Have the same issue!

Hi there — an engineer from Figma here.

This is an issue we are looking into now. What action are you taking that causes a duplicate to appear? If you are able to record a video or share the file that it is happening to to, that would be very helpful to us! Sharing to will not affect your billing.

Thank you!

It has been totally random. Cannot seem to duplicate the issue with any consistency. For example, when it first occurred it just appeared within a 2-hour window (evident after backtracking through the file version history). We removed the duplicates and re-assigned the colors to newly created styles with the same HEX and different names. Today, it seemed to happen when someone working in a different timezone opened the file and began working again. has been added to the file earlier today but the invite has not been accepted. You will see that there are duplicate styles called “Error”. We have not yet attempted to resolve or edit those duplicates.

It does not appear immediately. There was a moment when I completely removed all the colors from the library with duplicates. And then created them anew. And I started working with layouts - there were no duplicates, so I worked from morning to evening. I turned off my computer and went to sleep. In the morning, the entire flower library was in duplicates

same here! It’s been so frustrating!

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