Clone node

Good day!

How can i clone or copy node?

I want get selection nodes from page (currentPage.selection)

Clone selection nodes and group

Export group to image and submit image to REST API url

Or is there another way, to get one image from selection nodes?

Need NODES (all) save to one IMAGE

I know, that i can group nodes, and group export to image…

But group with original nodes are not good for me, don’t want doing manipulation with original user nodes

Excelent if i take selection nodes, create temp group with clone selection nodes, export image and remove temp group

You can clone each node by calling node.clone(), push this cloned node to an array and then put this array into, parentNode) to create a group from them. group · Figma Developers

Property ‘clone’ does not exist on type ‘SceneNode’.

  switch (msg.type) {
      const { currentPage } = figma
      const selectedNode = currentPage.selection;

      if (selectedNode.length > 0) {

        const clonedNodes: SceneNode[] = []

        selectedNode.forEach(node => clonedNodes.push(node.clone()))

        const group =, currentPage)
    case MessageTypes.cancel:

Not work

selectedNode.forEach(node => clonedNodes.push(JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(node.clone()))))

Снимок экрана 2021-10-01 в 10.45.25

You are right, thank you very much!

Ts ignore help me =) and nodes success cloned and grouped

// @ts-ignore
selectedNode.forEach(node => clonedNodes.push(node.clone()))

@ts-ignore will disable TS for the rest of the file. Maybe you can do: (node as ComponentNode).clone()

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