Checkbox + Text String

Hi guys,

I cannot find an answer or am unable to find the correct search terms for what I am trying to achieve.

I am looking for a way to create a checkbox that, when checked, also adds a piece of text to a separate location. I have a dropdown labelled “Material”, When the arrow is clicked, a dropdown shows two options with a checkbox for both, I’d like the “Material” label to show the selections after they have been selected, so for instance, if aluminium is selected, the label will show “Material: aluminium.”

Can anyone tell me the correct way to do this or point me to a resource that can show me how?



Hi Dan,
I think you can use variables to achieve this. For two options and the label, you can add three string (“label”, “option 1”, “option 2”) variables.

When one of the options is clicked, set variable "label → to “label” + “option 1 variable”.

For variable basics, this video will help you.
Study Hall: Using variables in prototypes 101