Changing component instance size don't change the variants size

i created different variants to my button component, and when i add it to my project, i want to change the size of it. when I’m hovering over the button it changes to the hovered variant and excepts the text override, but not the size override and i can’t figure out why. thank you!

this is the size i want

and when i’m hovering over the button it goes back to the original size and stays that way even if i’m not hovering any more

Can you share a file with the example? It’ll be easier to troubleshoot if we can see how the component is set up.


So it looks like issue is that the text label wasn’t set as a component property, which ensures that any text changes made in one state will propagate to all the others. Once I set the text as a property the interactions worked as expected.

Hello @RizePoint_Product,
I have made the text a component property and still have the same issue. Could there be another reason