Change Properties Variant Order

It would be great if we could put the properties in the order we want in the variants.

With drag and drop like layers.

Have a good day :slight_smile:

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You can change the order of properties and property values.

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How do you change the order of the variants within the properties?
From: Size: S, L, M, XL
to Size: S, M, L, XL

UPDATE - I see that you can drag the pills around (that wasn’t obvious - but it works)

  1. Find your main component
  2. Navigate to the properties panel (right side panel).
  3. Find the variant property and click edit property.
  4. Redorder list position of variants as you see fit. This is the same list order used used to navigate and swap variants on a child component.

Thank you! This helped. The original solution was changed in an update, apparently.

OMG I am sooo glad to have found this out! It’s been driving my OCD nuts :slight_smile: It wasn’t easy to find.

You have to hover your mouse over that little area on the left to get the hand icon to show up but then you can drag. It might be handy if the UI had the little “grips” visible all the time.


I created 23 properties to easily edit a table (one property for each text), but when I copy the component to use, was without the order planned and I don’t know how can I fix that

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