Change of behaviour using shortcut "shift+a" and Absolute position

I frequently use auto layout to align or evenly distribute layouts and begin to organise sections or groups of elements together. Often, the way I do this is by quickly grabbing the desired elements and then hitting shift + a, which puts them into an auto layout, giving them even distribution and making them all aligned if they were slightly out.

In the last week or so, though, I’ve noticed that behaviour seems to have changed. Almost every time I try to group a couple of objects into an auto layout, if they’re not perfectly aligned, it will give all the layers except one of them an absolute position.

I really miss the old behaviour, and with the absolute positioning, I often find it seems to place the elements in quite a different place anyway rather than trying perhaps to add these elements to an auto layout and respect the current position.

Anyway, wondering if I’m just going crazy or has something changed recently?


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Hi, Christopher.

You may check this post. Auto layout makes contents absolutely positioned - #2 by Matt_W

removing the absolute position takes time and make me dig inside layers- I work with very complex mockups, please, return the old behavior - no absolute position by default