Change multiple icons at the same time

I’ve designed a data table, and one of the columns has icons. Different designs require different icons. Currently, I’m selecting each icon, one by one and changing them manually (it takes a lot of time).

It would be nice if we had a “replace all” tool. That way, I would be able to select all my “edit” icons and replace them with a “trash” icon.

Im presently faced with the same challenge.
Why cant the find and replace feature work for icons as well?

You can select the icons and swap them all in the right panel.

Right, but if the icons are within their own groups, then I have to open all group layers and that could take some time too.

There are many ways to select the icons you need which are much less time consuming. A couple ideas:

  1. Drag the selection area around the icons while holding Cmd / Ctrl.

  2. Use Selection Colors feature to select objects with the color red for example and then Shift + Enter to select the instances that contain the vector objects.

  3. Cmd + Click every icon to select vector objects and then Shift + Enter.

  4. Use some kind of plugin that allows you to select objects based on criteria, e.g. name.

Thanks for this. The one functionality that isn’t working for me, is Shift + Enter. It selects other elements.

Works for me

I got it now! Thank you so much!