Change font type using variables

Hi everyone! I’m trying to create the design of an app that can switch look and feel of all of it’s components using Figma variables. I managed to change almost all but when it comes to fonts I have to use two different ones. I can manage their color, size, backgrounds but I cannot switch styles. Any idea on how to do it?


Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out! It sounds like you’re interested in understanding how to use variable fonts. We have a helpful article in our help center that explains this in detail:

Variable fonts allow you to access a wide range of styles within a single font file, offering great flexibility. I think you’ll find this information useful. Additionally, you might enjoy exploring this community file for a hands-on learning experience:

I hope you find these resources helpful!


Actually Toku, I think you completely misunderstood the question, which was not about “variable axis fonts” at all, but using the Figma Variables feature to describe font properties, so that font weight, size, or typeface could take advantage of the variables feature.

From all I have been able to discern, only Figma Styles support reusable font definitions, and font styles appear unable to use variables for most properties; only literals/selections are permitted.