Change content that is being viewed in Presentation when you click on a different frame in the working file

I switched from XD to Figma late last year. And I am beyond pleased to make that switch. There are only a few things I have found that I prefer how XD handled them. One of them is a certain functionality in the Presentation view.

In XD you press the play button and it shows a preview of whatever “frame” you happen to be on. If you have prototype linking built-in, you can click through using that. If not, clicking on the screen jumps you to whatever frame happens to be to the right of your current screen in your canvas.

But most importantly, if you have your presentation on one monitor and your working file on another, you can click on a specific “frame” and the presentation automatically jumps to that frame. This is extremely helpful when presenting your designs. It may be rough mockups that you don’t want to have to create a full prototype for, or you are just discussing the design and need to jump around to different screens. It can become nauseating for people viewing your presentation to watch you pan around hundreds of frames on an infinite canvas. Instead, you can do that on your non-presenting monitor; all they see is the screen change when you click on a different spot in your working file. They can also see any updates you make to the design as soon as you commit those edits.


Hi there,

Thanks for your idea! It’s like "advanced spotlight ".

We greatly value your feedback, and we would like to gauge the reaction of other members in the community. We may consider it for future enhancements!


It’s not really like spotlight. Because spotlight still requires the other users to be in Figma at the same time as you. Most times we are presenting outside of Figma - on Teams or Slack screen sharing. So we need a clean way to navigate while presenting our designs. Clicking on a frame in a separate window would switch to that frame in the preview window.

I see! That sounds useful. I will share this internally!

Thanks a lot.