Change component variation from overlay click

Hey all,

I have a question regarding something i am trying to achieve in prototyping.

I got a main CTA button and next to that CTA button i have a dropdown select, i have several variants made containing both the CTA and dropdown select, lets call these 2 combined the CTA button from here.

  1. From variant A, i click the dropdown and show a dropdown menu with options as an overlay.
  2. Now when i click an option from the overlay, i want too change the CTA variant and close the overlay.

I can link from the dropdown select from the variant component to the overlay frame to show the overlay, but I cannot link from the overlay back too the variants component and choose too change the variant (point 2 from above).

Wat is the current method to achieve this?
I don’t want to switch frames, because nothing inside the frame (with like 20 components) changes except for the select showing the chosen option/variant.


Same question here. Did you figure it out?

Ditto. I’m having the same issue.