Can't start from scratch in Figma Slides

When i click on “Start from scratch” Figma creates a new draft using “Light slides” template. I tried to use another account and it worked, but only once, so now I can’t use blank slides from two accounts.
How it can be fixed?

Hey @Kate38, thanks for reaching out and sorry for the confusion!

When selecting “Start from scratch”, it’s currently expected to default to the Light slides template. There’s currently no way to start completely from scratch with an empty or blank slide.

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I’ve run across a few issues with managing library elements in Figma Slides…

  1. I’m not able to truly start from scratch, with no existing font or color styles. When I click ‘start from scratch’ when creating a new Figma Slides document, it uses the pre-made “Light Slides” template, which is not what I want.
  2. The above point is annoying because I want to literally start from scratch, but also because I can’t get rid of the original template styles, even when I create and publish a new one. The original template is still available in the “Template Styles” dropdown when you’re editing an entire slide, and the font and color styles are still available in various dropdown menus, in both editing modes. I only want one template/library/whatever we’re calling it for a Figma Slides document, not multiple. Is there a way to erase the original template/replace it/or actually start from scratch?
  3. It looks like I’m able to delete existing font and color styles in the orange Figma Slides editing mode, but not in the blue Design Mode. Can we get that functionality on both ends?
  4. I’m unable to edit the names of color styles in Figma Slides…can we get that functionality?
  5. In the orange Figma Slides editing mode, I’m not able to select colors from shared Figma Design libraries – I can only select colors from the existing Figma Slides library in the file. Shouldn’t the colors and fonts from shared Figma Design libraries be accessible in the orange Figma Slides editing mode, not just in the blue Design Mode?

Yeah, I have the same problem here. The library in Slides isn’t easy to edit like in the Figma design. Although in the typography section they have buttons to edit and delete, but they don’t have that in the color section.

Oh I finally found the edit button of the color section. It appears when you hover over the color in slides mode.

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Same here! When I’m in Design Mode and editing the Layout grid, there are pre-defined numbers in Margin and Gutter, which come from the default library (even when starting from scratch), but there’s no way to edit these from what I can see, or create more. :frowning_face:

Yikes. This product is not even close to primetime. It lacks the basic style and color management features of Keynote and Powerpoint. You can import styles from Figma libraries, but you have to manage all changes in the original file, and if you republish, then it doesn’t update or ask if you want to update in the connected slides file. If you can’t manage styles and templates across your pages and create a template from scratch what is the point? Looks like there was a big push to launch at config before key features have been worked out. I would say this is in Alpha mode at best. Super rough beta here. :frowning:

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When looking at items such as the Layout Grid, there are pre-defined variables in the gutter etc, which can’t be updated. This could cause users to select that option (not approved for our brand because of wrong spacing), over the ones we’ve set up, wrecking presentation templates we’ve created and approved.