Cant resolve Comments, also cant hide them

I saw another topic on this one, but couldn’t find a solution yet.
after the last update - comments are always visible and I cant resolve them.
It’s really annoying.
On the other topic, I saw some said that only editors can resolve but I’m an editor and I still can’t resolve them or hide them once choosing a different tool.

Please help out, I have a lot of comments on my artboards and it’s really hard to work like this.

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I’m experiencing the same issue.

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I have noticed this a few days ago.
I want to resolve a comment, but after a second or so it comes back as unresolved… See attached video capture.
Note also that my Show resolved comments is turned off, in case you’re asking.


UPDATE: It seems that if I reload the page, the comment shows as resolved as expected.
Note that I use the browser version.

I’m having the same issue, comments are not appearing in the app. I also cannot resolve comments.

I had this same issue with the software version. I had to restart Figma to get the comments to resolve. Seems to have fixed the issue.

Hey @Yiftach_Atias @Lorenzo4 @Christina_Harrison

If you refresh the tabs of the files you are using, do you still have comments coming back as unresolved? Want to check to see if you’re still experiencing this today, or if it seems to have cleared up.

So now I can resolve comments which are good. but I can’t hide the comments. before the comments would show up only when I’m using the comments tool but now they are always there. really hard to work like this.

@Yiftach_Atias You should be able to toggle viewing the comments if you use the shortcut shift + c - is that not working for you?

Perfect it works :). Thanks!

@knishida Once Figma is restarted, the issue gets solved only temporarily. Very frequently, it reappears after a short while. There’s clearly a bug that your team needs to address here. Restarting the application or reloading all tabs every once a day is really cumbersome.

I agree with @Volkan1 I have the same issue and it’s reappearing recurrently.

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