Can't remove file from "recent" > "shared files"

hello, I have left the file but it still appears under “shared files”.
how do I remove it?

I am using the desktop app on mac.
I have cleared the cache but the file is still there

Hey Tommaso, thank you for reaching out! Hmm, this works on my end. Can you try removing this from the browser?

Right-clicking on the file to access the Share menu there and make sure you have ‘left’ the file, and then click ‘Remove from Recents’ but we’re aware of some cases where files will continue to show in your Shared files. The engineers are investigating this issue now, but we believe it may be some time yet until this is resolved.

Any updates here? Even if i leave a shared project it still appears on Recent → Shared Files section

@Scott_Maximus Is the file in question one that has the permission of “Anyone with the link can view”?