Can't move file when it was branched

I recognized that it is not possible to move files when in the file itself where branches used.

Is this a bug?

Hi @Markus_Kegel, Thanks bringing this to our attention!

When it comes to moving your files around different projects and teams, there are a few methods you can explore.
I gave it a try on my end, and it seems the “Move file…” option isn’t showing up when you right-click on the file with branches in the File Browser. However, you might see the “Move to project…” option on the canvas.

Please give it a try by attempting to move your file with branches directly from the canvas and see if that works for you!

For a more detailed guide on this, feel free to check out our Help Center article here: Move a file

Hope this info proves useful! If there’s anything else I might have missed, please let us know.


Awesome, thanks! This worked out for me.
But still it is a strange behaviour.

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