Can't move a file into a team or project

I have a file I created in my personal account; company bought a Pro account and I transferred it there by changing the owner to me at my company address.

It is in Recents. l can’t drag it into the team I created (the team doesn’t highlight on drag hover), and if I create a project under the team and try to drag the file there I get a message “You don’t have permissions to remove files from this project.” Huh?

Solved this with the help of Figma support. It was not straightforward. If anyone wants the detailed steps, let me know.

Hi @Chris_Ryan - I am having the same issues and would love to hear how you solved it. Thanks a lot!

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Hi @Chris_Ryan I’m also having the same issue

May I know the steps on how to do it?

I would also like to know since I am having the same problem.

Imagine an easy, intuitive way of moving projects :sweat_smile:

I would be interested aswell. Thanks.

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Hey @Chris_Ryan seeing if you wouldn’t mind sharing the solution to this if you still remember

  1. Log in as [destination account email] and upgrade [original account email] to be an editor on the [destination team] (this will only be temporary). → Manage team permissions

  2. Log into [original account email] and move all files that you wish to work on using Professional features into [destination team]. The simplest way will be to consolidate all of those files into one project, and then drag and drop that project into [destination team] using the lefthand sidebar. You may also want to move the draft files of [original account email] as well → Move files between accounts, organizations, teams, and projects

  3. Once moved into the [destination team], right-click each of those files > Share, and invite [destination account email] to each file as an editor. Do the same for any project(s) you moved → Invite to projects, files, and prototypes

  4. Log in as [destination account email], and accept each of those file invitations.

  5. Return to your [original account email] account, and change [destination email]'s role from editor to owner → Transfer ownership of files or projects

  6. Once you’ve moved and transferred ownership of all files, log back in as [destination account email] and open the team’s “Members” tab. From there click the ••• next to [original account email] and choose Remove. *Don’t forget this step of removing [original account email] from being an editor on the team. Leaving that user as an editor will create a $15 additional to your subscription.