Can't Login on desktop app

I’m new on figma, I’ve used like two times figma on my web explorer and then I download the desktop app, I started the application, it says I need to login on my explorer

all normal it opens the page then i make a click on open desktop app (because I’ve login on my browser) but there’s nothing happened make a click again but nothing, I’ve attempted 6 times but nothing

Then like 3 or 4 minutes it says this

Device specifications:
Windows 10 home Single Language last update installed: Windows 10 20H2 KB4023057
Processor: Intel core i5
Arquitecture: x64
Ram: 8GB
Windows Language: Es-MX
Browser: Edge (Even I’ve tested with another browser (Chrome) and it’s the same)
Hope someone can help me


I have the same problem, also on Windows.

Did you find a solution?


I have the same problem :frowning:
Did you find a solution?


Hello, I been trying several times to login to Figma desktop but the browser tab it doesn’t show and I dont know why. What could be the problem?


Yes I find something, For some reason, I wait just a little and install and uninstall figma and it works! I don’t know why but, that works to me, I don’t know if it’s the real solution, but I remember I made it when I had the problem. Hope It works!


It doesn’t work on the desktop. Issues with logging in. Disappointed. Don’t use anymore.


same here. I can login into desktop. I’ve tried to uninstall but nothing happen. Please fix this, i need to use it asap. thankyou

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the same problem arises with me!
Desktop application does not show anything in saved projects but works in browser.
how to solve this issue?
help plzzzzzzzz!!!

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Hi there facing the same issue over here on windows. Any remedy or solutions currently.

try using different browser. I had the same problem. I changed my default browser to microsoft edge and completed the login.


Thank’s, it worked!

Thanks Bro, its work for me, you just change the default browser to edge, then login and voilaa …

The desktop app is Electron, it’s more than capable of hosting a login flow. Requiring an external browser is kludgy and lazy Figma.


Same here hahaha, please figma read it and please fix it

Cause I can’t use figma desktop and I’m not used to using figma in the browser

Same. I don’t like using the browser because it is laggy and the zoom doesn’t work properly. But the desktop app is giving me a real headache logging in and also loading my file. Takes forever and it doesn’t load.

Tried deleting the app and downloading it again. Tried logging in using a different browser. Chrome, edge. Mozilla don’t allow me to open because it’s unsafe, or has some missing certificate. Tried signing in using different account. Tried creating a new account. Nothing seems to work.

Why do they need to link it to browser to authenticate?

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I had similar problem but on Mac. What helped was clearing the cache, as described here:

The exact command I used before restarting Figma:

rm -rf "$HOME/Library/Application Support/Figma/"{Desktop,DesktopProfile}

Maybe it will help in your case too?

thank you… it works ! I change my default browser to edge … and that solve the issue

Thanks for all the suggestions. I set my default browser to Safari and it worked.

hi every one
I ran the program using administrator and the login problem was fixed.

If anyone solves the problem with this method, please let me know. Thanks


Launching desktop app as administrator solved my problem. Using Chrome as default browser.