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Can't Login on desktop app

I’m new on figma, I’ve used like two times figma on my web explorer and then I download the desktop app, I started the application, it says I need to login on my explorer

all normal it opens the page then i make a click on open desktop app (because I’ve login on my browser) but there’s nothing happened make a click again but nothing, I’ve attempted 6 times but nothing

Then like 3 or 4 minutes it says this

Device specifications:
Windows 10 home Single Language last update installed: Windows 10 20H2 KB4023057
Processor: Intel core i5
Arquitecture: x64
Ram: 8GB
Windows Language: Es-MX
Browser: Edge (Even I’ve tested with another browser (Chrome) and it’s the same)
Hope someone can help me

I have the same problem, also on Windows.

Did you find a solution?

I have the same problem :frowning:
Did you find a solution?

Hello, I been trying several times to login to Figma desktop but the browser tab it doesn’t show and I dont know why. What could be the problem?

Yes I find something, For some reason, I wait just a little and install and uninstall figma and it works! I don’t know why but, that works to me, I don’t know if it’s the real solution, but I remember I made it when I had the problem. Hope It works!