Can't import Prototype to maze correctly - Error: "Invalid path A path should have at least two screens. Please add more screens to this path."


I’m trying to set up a new usability test (for a new project) with maze. However, every time I want to link my figma prototype I get the issue “Invalid path. A path should have at least two screens. Please add more screens to this path.”

Before I tried to upload the prototype by adding the link to the maze mission I made sure that I optimized it correctly. So I set the permissions to Anyone with the link, I made sure that there is an interaction on the first and every other site and I do definitely have more than two screens. Anyways, when I want to change the start screen, I can choose between all of my screens…so I don’t get why it tells me I don’t have enough screens.

Did I forget to do something to mage my file “Maze-ready”?

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Dear Figma community, I encounter the same problem as Franziska when upoloading my prototype in Maze. And I’m not able to set the path and the tasks for the test.

Maze is not 100% compatible with Figma. There might be some issues on integration. E.g. they used to reject files with interactive components a couple of months before.

I’d suggest to contact Maze support in this case. They are friendly. I had some quite positive communication with them on one of my files with non-typical performance issues. They analysed that file specifically and gave me a pack of recommendations to solve it.

Update: check this article, it looks similar to your problem:

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Thanks a lot for your answer and the tips :slight_smile:

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I have the same issue trying to import into Maze, UseBerry and Ballpark. I think the issue is with Figma.

I run into the same problem…

In my case, specifying the flow start screen in the prototype settings solved that issue.

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This worked for me, thank you Aga5! Exactly, go to prototype settings section and pick a frame for your prototype starting point.
Screenshot 2024-03-08 165352