Can't find "Edit Object" in the hotbar. There is no opportunity to find the operation in the "Quick Access". Please, help to find the feature

After Figma released the new version of the product, I can’t find the the “Edit Object” tool to work with the vectors. Please, help me to find it. I don’t think it’s a good idea to hide some important tools. Clean and fancy space is good, when it’s working. I don’t like to search the functions in the collapsed folders. Please, do smth with it.

Hi @ Leila_Abbassova

If you can’t find it in the toolbar, try right-clicking on the vector object. This will open a context menu where you might find the “Edit Object” option.

Figma sometimes moves tools to the right-hand sidebar. Select your vector object and look in the properties panel on the right for any edit options

The “Edit Object” tool in Figma is now found under the “Vector” section in the toolbar. If you can’t see it, try expanding any collapsed tool groups. Alternatively, use the shortcut ‘Enter’ to quickly enter vector edit mode.

Thank you! Actually, the solution was the double clicking on the object. You were right. The functions are collapsed. :frowning:

@Leila_Abbassova Thank you! Double-clicking on the object worked, and the functions are indeed collapsed. Check out more tips on my website, Swig Menu

Boo. I personally would utilize this all the time in the past, instead of creating masks when in a pinch. I find this decision within the new UI to have it collapsed is much worse as…

  1. It’s no longer in plain sight on the main toolbar.
  2. It’s nested under Rectangle options.
  3. There’s no keyboard shortcut assigned to this action, making the dropdown (pictured) the only way it’s accessible.

@TYPO I agree, the new UI decision to collapse this feature is less efficient. Having the option nested under Rectangle options and without a keyboard shortcut makes accessing it via the dropdown menu cumbersome. It would be much more user-friendly if it were visible on the main toolbar.