Can't figure out new boolean feature

I cannot figure out the new boolean property. I can add the boolean property to the component set, but then I can’t select a layer to apply it to. I’m not sure if I’m just not seeing something or if this feature is broken for me. I also can’t find any help docs from Figma on this.

If anyone could share some screenshots of how you use the new boolean feature, that would be much appreciated

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I am having the same issue, so obviously not fixed yet. I already have one property and added a Boolean to the component set.

On the component set I get:

On the component inside I get:

Using normal properties for the same thing now, but it would be nicer to have the toggle. I have some components from a library that have many boolean properties, so it must be possible, I just can’t get it to work.

This error means that the boolean property you added was not applied to the layer inside the component/variant. You need to select the desired layer in the component/variant and apply it.

Please read this Help Center article:

I know how it SHOULD work, but I really don’t see what else I can do!? I create a new component, select it, add a boolean property and immediately get an error.

I can’t add a property to a “desired layer in the component”, but only the component itself. The Boolean property only appears in the main component. I cannot select it for the variants:

For a second I thought it might be because of enabling the new component properties beta, but it’s the same behavior with it on or off.

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  1. Create a component property (an error will appear: “Not used within component”)
  2. Select a nested layer in a component or variant;
  3. Apply the created property.
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Ohh, I see. So you can use the Boolean only to toggle a layer on/off? I assumed you can use it for any 2 variants. If I have a property with 2 states I still need to use a normal property?

Yes, the boolean property only controls the visibility of the layer. If you want to use toggle to change two variants between them, you need to rename your variants to something like this: “Property=Value, Toggle=True” and the second one will be “…, Toggle=False”.

You can brush up on your knowledge of variants and component properties from the links below:

There is also a little tips I discovered and I don’t know if this was also picked up.
You can use variant property and name them ON/OFF or TRUE/FALSE to show a toggle instead of a dropdown :smile:

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I don’t think many people know about this one. I see the “Property1” layer name takes on a new convention as well. If you try and Change Prop 1 to something new, it seems to break but it actually still works as intended.

I learned how to use Booleans a few months ago and then I completely forgot.

Booleans are created within the Properties section, so that’s where they should reside and be editable. You should be able to 1) assign the layers that the boolean gets attached to from the properties panel and 2) you should be able to see those layers represented in the Properties panel.