Can't export anything on M1 Mac

Hi everyone. I have a M1 Macbook Pro 14 running the latest version of Figma (116.5.17). I am unable to export any frames on the desktop application. When I hit ‘export’ I see the rainbow wheel spinning and then briefly it stops and nothing happens. There is no pop up that asks where to save the frame as it is expected to happen. This problem does not happen on my windows machine, but I am experiencing it on my new mac. Any fixes?

I have the exact same problem in the figma application. Running it in the browser works better.

Same issue i’m experiencing on my MSI Windows 11. Using Figma desktop app and I cant export anything. Says, Group11.jpg could not be saved. Remaining files will not be saved.

Please help

Dealing with this as well after switching from Intel to M1 Mac. Need a solution for this that’s not just using the desktop app!