Can't create text styles

When I create a text and then click the Style icon on the right menu, then click on the Plus icon on the Text styles button nothing happens. Is there a chance I’m missing something? Help!

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Have the same issue… Anyone knows how to fix this?

Not sure if you came to a solution on this, but I just hit the same wall, and realised in my case it was because I had a mix of style attributes in a line of text.

For example in my case, I had two words in the paragraph with an underline on them.

Removing the underline let me add the text style as usual.

So check the text you’re trying to create a new style for, you may have part of it styled differently.

The confusing part is that when you click the + to create the style, nothing happens at all.
Really there should be a notification somewhere telling you. “You can’t create a new style because this element has mixed styles in” or similar.


This worked for me too.