Can't connect frames in prototype mode

I am new to Figma, trying to connect frames together for a prototype but I do not get any of the plus icons to appear to connect frames. When I watched the tutorial it seemed pretty simple to do but not sure why this is happening.

Are you on the Prototype tab (right panel)?

Yes I selected the prototype tab

Are the objects you are trying to connect nested in the frame? And these frames are the top level objects in the page, without any groups wrapping them? Can you show screenshots?

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Yes I have them inside the frame. I will post screenshots.

I cant get the plus sign to appear.

You don’t have any frames. You are using groups.

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I’m so confused. I thought the hashtag icon above the layers that I clicked on was to add a frame to the document.
Can you please give me a step by step? Or send a link with a step by step instructions to follow?
Seems like I’ve been watching the wrong tutorials. Thank you for all your help. I appreciate it.

That is correct, the “hashtag” icon is a frame. But you only have the dashed square icons, which are groups:


Home and Login both should be frames. You can quickly turn a group into a frame in the right panel:


Thank you so much. I will try this out

I tested it and it works now. Thank you very much!

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