Can't assign variable to instance property

I’m trying to assign a variable to a property in an instance of a component. The variable and property names are identical, but it seems the menu icon is completely missing from Figma. Is this feature no longer available? My Figma app is up to date.


Instance property:

According to Figma’s support pages, an icon should be visible next to the property:

Hey Teri, Boolean, number, and string variables can be assigned to component instances with variant properties. Could you share a screen recording with us what you’re seeing on your end?

I just heard back from Figma support — apparently this is a known limitation:

  • Layer boolean properties cannot be attached to boolean variables
  • Variant booleans CAN be attached to boolean variables

Instead of having a layer toggle on/off, I had to create 2 variants, one with the layer showing and one with it hidden.

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